Why choose Rudd & Associates?

With more than 29 years of land title surveying experience in central Florida, we recognize the importance of delivering the land title survey prior to closing.

Real estate is tied to an interest rate, and to secure that rate the closing must be on schedule. We understand that and deliver our land title surveys prior to closing.



Land surveyors provide important services for banks, mortgage lenders, attorneys, title companies and for other clients. When high-quality surveys are needed to comply with ALTA and NSPS standards, an experienced land surveyor should be hired for the assignment.

Michael Rudd and Associates is a premier land title survey company that delivers professional work prior to a scheduled closing or ahead of other important dates. With a reputation that is among the top surveying companies in the Orlando, Florida area, we have performed reliable services for nearly 30 years.

Benefits of Working With a Local Land Surveyor in Central Florida        

Local surveying companies can respond quickly to time-sensitive request for ALTA surveys. Additionally, a local professional is aware of upfront due diligence that is required to comply with state and national survey standards. We maintain accurate records and information from decades of local reports that give us a unique edge over other firms.

Hiring a Land Title Survey Company

Title companies and attorneys hire us to provide an accurate report that completely details the underlying investment risks that pertain to the boundaries and improvements for a commercial property. We maintain a stellar reputation for delivering land title surveys that clearly distinguish the property lines between a subject property and other commercial establishments.

Contact Michael Rudd and Associates for ALTA/NSPS land title surveys in Florida.

Topographical / 3D Mapping

topographical web

Topographic maps are used for a wide range of applications, from camping, canoeing, hunting and fishing, urban planning, resource development and mapping


Lot-Split / Subdivision determination

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A lot split is the legal division of any lot into two or more lots, for the purpose of sale, lease or financing, now or in the future.

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Other Services:

  • Lot-Split / Subdivision determination
  • Platting
  • Topographical / 3-D Mapping
  • Accident Surveying / Mapping
  • Expert Witness / Public Testimony

Planning & Zoning Impacts


On commercial and vacant land surveys this optional requirement is critical to de-termine the buildable area of a parcel of land. The 

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Permitting Uses

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The final Map of Survey may be used for many governmental permitting uses

Flood Elevation Certification

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This is an optional service we offer to both residential and commercial clients.

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